Phillies star Bryce Harper leaps into a camera well to make a catch in his first career start at first base. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia.

For the first time in the 2023 season, Bryce Harper was playing the field for the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night. It was at first base, where he’d played only twice in his career previously and for a combined two batters.

And if you thought that Harper would ease into the new role, you were wrong. He jumped into it with both feet — literally.

Leading off the bottom of the third inning, Cleveland Guardians shortstop Amed Rosario hit a foul ball toward Harper at first base. Harper tracked the ball, which seemed like it would fall harmlessly in the camera well down the first baseline. Only, Harper wasn’t going to let that happen. Rather than let the ball land foul or even try to stretch for it, he leaped. And while he certainly got banged around, Harper also came up with the ball.

Since his MVP season in 2021, Harper has been used almost exclusively as a designated hitter. This has happened because he’s dealt with several different injuries over the last two years.

So, seeing Harper leaping made a lot of people nervous. Those same people, though, were also impressed with his catch.

Everything seemed to be OK after this catch. Still, we’re guessing that Rob Thomson and the rest of the Phillies would be just fine if this catch became a one-time thing.

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia]

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