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There’s been quite a lot of controversy around Bud Light this year following their ad campaign with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney in April. That led to backlash against the company from the likes of Kid Rock and Travis Tritt, but support from the likes of Charles Barkley and Garth Brooks. The company has also done some different ad campaigns that some have seen as an attempt to win back disgruntled fans, including one with Kansas City Chiefs’ star Travis Kelce. And now, they’re launching a giveaway of 2,000 free year-long subscriptions to YouTube’s base NFL Sunday Ticket package (a $449 value without a YouTube TV subscription, or a $349 value with one), as Phillip Swann wrote Tuesday:

Here are more details on the promotion from Swann’s piece:

Bud Light, which has seen sales crater after a controversial marketing pitch involving a transgender celebrity, is hoping a new NFL Sunday Ticket promotion will help turn things around. Anheuser-Busch, which owns the beer brand, is providing free Sunday Ticket subscriptions and other NFL-related prizes at the Bud Light site. To participate, all you have to do is set up an account on the site, click a button on the site, and see if you’ve won. There is no requirement to buy anything, including Bud Light.

The rules say 2,000 free Sunday Ticket subs will be awarded. The other prizes (960 in total) are e-gift cards from NFLShop.com ranging in value from $35 to $150. The free Sunday Ticket prize will be a subscription to the YouTube Primetime Channels’ base plan (no RedZone, $449 value) if you don’t have a YouTube TV base sub or do not wish to purchase one. You can also opt for the YouTube TV base plan ($349 value) if you win the Sunday Ticket prize.

As Swann notes, per the rules, individuals are only supposed to click the redemption button on the contest site once per day. But they’ll also receive a 20 percent NFL Shop discount code the first time they do so. The promotion will run until Oct. 16.

For the weeks from June through July, Bud Light sales remained down year-over-year by an average of around 30 percent. And that’s despite prominent pushback from the likes of Barkley and Brooks to the initial backlash to the Mulvaney campaign, and despite the ads with Kelce. It will be interesting to see if this Sunday Ticket promotion helps their cause at all. (But it’s far from the only deal Google has struck in their first year of Sunday Ticket; others include TCL Max, Xfinity, Frontier, FanDuel, WOW! and Verizon.)

[TV Answer Man; image from MobiusDaXter on Wikipedia]

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