Will Smith Photo Credit: ESPN

Give San Jose Sharks draft pick William Smith credit for having a great sense of humor.

The 18-year-old center went No. 4 overall to the Sharks in the NHL Draft Wednesday night.

Draft picks got to choose their walk-out song as they hit the stage, and Smith picked The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song from the 1990s TV show starring that other Will Smith.

Afterward, ESPN reporter Emily Kaplan asked Smith why he chose the song.

“I feel like I kind of had to,” Smith said. “The name, I’m trying to own it. And I love the song, too.”

Then Kaplan went a little further.

“Can you sing it for us?” she asked.

“Right now, on camera?” Smith asked, a bit incredulous.

“Why not, it’s ESPN, let’s go,” Kaplan said, egging him on.

And so Smith’s introduction to the NHL involved him singing a TV theme song by his namesake artist, who is known not for his slapshot, but for slapping Chris Rock.

NHL fans had mixed thoughts on Smith’s performance, and the fact that Kaplan even asked him to do that. “So cringy to ask him to do that on TV,” tweeted one fan who spoke for many.

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