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Social media was in a tizzy Monday when reports surfaced that former Ole Miss and Baltimore Ravens star Michael Oher was suing his “adoptive” family. As a result, actress Sandra Bullock became the subject of a furious debate online.

Oher said he basically was tricked by the Tuohy family who claimed they adopted him but according to him he actually signed a conservatorship which allowed them to get their hands on his money.

While the family made millions from Oher’s story which was told in the movie “The Blind Side”, he claims he received nothing.

For her role as LeAnn Tuohy, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for leading actress, but some people think that after this scandal has come out, she should return the award, although there is no evidence that the actress had any idea that the story of the Tuohy’s might have been false.

Bullock hasn’t commented so far and recently lost her long-time partner to ALS last week. But several people think that Bullock should return the Oscar if these allegations are true.

While some think she should return the Oscar, most thought she shouldn’t because she was blindsided by the rest of the world by Oher’s story too. In fact, most people seem to sympathize with Bullock in this case.

The fault clearly lies with the Tuohys more than it does with Sandra Bullock.

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